What is Freemasonary?

Quite simply, the oldest and largest fraternity in the world!

Freemasonry is often described as a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory, and
illustrated with symbols. That is one definition. Another is that we’re a group of men
seeking to do good, by bettering ourselves, and our communities. We’re people of good
character, who live by old-world values: honesty, integrity, and dependability. Our aims
are to be better men, every day.

Unlike our ancient brethren — the operative stonemasons, who built the great castles and
cathedrals of Europe, we speculative or Freemasons, build character — teaching morality
and virtue through the symbolic use of stoneworkers tools, dramatic presentations and
instructional rituals.

Masons reinforce these qualities in each other through public service and fellowship with
like-minded brethren, both in the lodge, and everywhere.

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